Montpellier, France

L’Arbre Blanc represents the dazzling whiteness of southern stones and Mediterranean joie de vivre, combined with the purity and refinement of Japanese culture. Rising 17 floors, this landmark luxury apartment building also features an art gallery, restaurant and offices, together with a simply stunning rooftop bar.

The 110 apartments enjoy illuminated overhanging terraces, each designed with lightweight metal spars and an aluminium tray underside allowing rainwater to run into downspouts arranged in the thickness of the façade. KALORY Speci’AL K windows are complemented with KANADA Folding Doors to take advantage of the panoramic
city views.

A living symbol of contemporary Montpellier, L’Arbre Blanc has become a glowing beacon in the city skyline, located on the picturesque banks of the River Lez. It’s a unique, bright and modern place to call home, offering residents and visitors spectacular scenery for miles in every direction.