Calgary, AB, Canada

Energy and logistics company ATCO’s new state-of-the-art headquarters used a mix of Kawneer curtain wall, window and framing systems throughout the 21,368m2 complex to offer an energy efficient building envelope with a high thermal performance, all while opening the offices to sweeping views of the surrounding Calgary landscape.

Vision areas and daylighting were enhanced by integrating a Kawneer 1600UT SystemTM1 Curtain Wall, Clearwall® Curtain Wall System and 2000 Skylight. Combined ultra thermal curtain wall systems and 360 Insulclad® Thermal Entrances provided effective insulation from the thermal fluctuations of Calgary’s seasonal weather cycle.

Complementing locally-sourced building and landscape materials which leverage earth tones, wood and stones, our products and solutions have helped to bring this ambitious design project together, connecting occupants with panoramic views of the Calgary skyline and dramatic Rocky Mountains backdrop.